Spring Decorating Tips

Happy Spring

It’s finally here. Spring has arrived! This is my favorite time of the year and I get super giddy with delight and excitement. The spring season is full of new transformations. It is about new beginnings, new life, and growth. With that being said, I have some easy and inexpensive Spring decorating tips to get your lil olé castle ready for spring.

Spring Decorating Tip #1:Use flowers

There is no need to dip into your savings or break the bank. All you need is to Simply walk outside. Everything is in full bloom. If you do not have a garden to get clippings from, no worries. Take a drive down to your local grocer, you will not be disappointed. I always find a great selection of fresh flowers at my local Kroger. You can also try Wal-Mart.

Spring Decorating Tip #2: Shop your home

Don’t be afraid to re-use items.

Again, no need to go crazy spending oodles of cash. Walk around your home and search for trinkets that can be used. I used this bunny on my dinning table. He normally lives outside in my garden; but for Spring, he lives inside. Just  by placing him on a wreath covered with painted eggs, he is spring ready.

Spring Decorating Tip #4: Use books

Books are great for decorating.

I love books. They are great for decorating and can be used in any style. I bought this book at  a library book sale for only 10 cents! It  adds interest, color, and brings flowers in.

Spring Decorating Tip #3: Use color

Add Color throughout your home

There is no better time of year than during spring time to use color around your home. In the living room I added color by placing plastic Easter eggs in a platter. I also, used clippings from my saucer magnolia tree. The pink buds look great in my vintage yellow pitcher. Can you tell I’m crushing on yellow? It’s like rays of sunshine shining all over my home 🙂

Spring Decorating Tip #5: Have fun

Above all, have fun. Decorating your home should not be a stressful event. It should bring you joy and  happiness, after all this is your castle.  Enjoy it and be Happy!


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Happy Decorating 🙂

Lady NJ

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