Follow your dreams

 Follow your dreams.

You hear it all the time, but what are your dreams?

After months and months and months of thinking about it ………. I have finally JUMPED. I dove right in and decided to follow my dreams and start a Home Décor /DIY/Lifestyle blog. Yeah Me!

I have been talking about doing it. I’ve even came up with several possible names for my new blog. I talked to people to help me design a lay-out.

I went as far as quitting my day time job (a year ago today) so that I can pursue my dreams of designing full time, but quite frankly I’ve been scared to start a blog. Scared no one will care, I won’t be able to keep up, and how will I design a website?

No more, will I listen to the negative things playing in my head: Nancy you are straight up crazy, you’re just being selfish, you have no business working on this goal. I will no longer be making excuses or listening to Satan because I know he is a deceiver who uses every chance possible to throw me off balance and steal the joy God has waiting for me.

I have decided to move forward and make my wants, my goals, my dreams come true!!!! This is the year I will say YES to fear.

Here goes nothing……

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My schedule is always bonkers so to keep me from going crazy, I pledge to get more organized in 2017.

In order to get organized for 2017, I have spent the past few weeks cleaning out my she-shed (woman’s cave), closets, drawers, and organizing stuff all around the house. Also, I have ordered a planner and came up with a schedule to keep me in line.

For the past six weeks I have been using a weekly meal list and it has helped me tremendously.  What I do is, I sit down on Saturday and decide what I will cook on a daily basis for the upcoming week.

I come up with a grocery list and write it down along with any other stuff I need to pick up or do for that week.

On Sunday I go shopping for everything on the list, then when I get home I prepare, season and package all the meat I have bought at the meat market.

Lastly, I place it in freezer bags and label it. Ex: meatballs, hamburgers, or shrimp scampi.

As you can see, because all meals are planned out I no longer have to think about what I will be cooking for dinner. It really works great for me!

How do you get organized?

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