3 Easy DIY Easter Hostess Gift Ideas

Easter Hostess Gift Ideas

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How did you spend your weekend?

Was I busy! I enjoyed my Saturday morning by cleaning my house, then I was off treasure hunting at a few yard sales. Afterwards, I decided to make some Easter Hostess gifts. With Easter being just days away I decided to get busy & prepared.

I came up with 3 Easy DIY Easter Hostess Gift Ideas to share with you.

Easter Hostess Gift Idea #1: Make a Soap Dispenser from a Crown Royal bottle


Supplies needed…. ( I bought my supplies at Walmart except Crown Royal bottle)

First, paint the bottle. I used two coats of Waverly Chalk paint in ballet slipper.

Then, let it dry completely. Once it has dried apply stickers, label or hand write a message to front of bottle. I kept it simple and used stickers to spell out LOVE.

Finally, place the lid from the dish washing soap onto Crown Royal bottle. ( it should be a snug fit)

Easy as a pie!

Easter Hostess Gift Idea #2: Hand Paint a Bunny on a Planter

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Supplies used… ( Flower pot bought at Ikea, paints at Walmart)

Begin by painting a nose in the shape of a heart on the center of flower pot.Next, paint some whiskers and give this bunny some eyes.

Let it dry completely.

Lastly, fill with potting soil and a plant of your choice. You can use any plant like a succulent, an herb or mini roses.

To resemble bunny ears, I used the plant Sansevieria or mother-n-law’s tongue.

Project #2- Done & Done.

Easter Hostess Gift #3: Mason Jar Snack Container

Supplies used…(I bought all my supplies at Walmart)

First, begin by completely painting the mason jar. I painted two coats of Waverly chalk paint in Mineral.

Let it dry completely. Afterwards, fill mason jar with snacks, candy, or cookies of your choice. I filled the jar with sesame seeds.

Finally, attach a ribbon with a tag to finish it off.

Viola!!! 3 Easy DIY Easter Hostess Gift Ideas- finished.

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Nancy Jeannette

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