3 Reasons you should be using indoor plants

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3 reasons you should be using indoor plants

The neighbor’s rooster is crowing, cock-a-doodle-doo, and the sun is rising, but it is still cold outside.  If you live up north you are probably freezing and are still getting snow so why don’t you use indoor plants to bring the outdoors in and create an al fresco feeling (outdoors feeling),  but more importantly because they are an added benefit to your health.

  1. Plants lower your risk for illness :

They are nature’s air purifier. Since we spend most of our time indoors plants like rubber plants, bamboo palm, or a peace lily should be all over your home because they naturally remove toxins in the air. Especially since indoor air pollutants are a major problem in homes  (both old and new builds) because they are found in paint,  sheet rock, air refreshers, pesticides, disinfectants, cleaning chemicals, carpeting,  your mattress, and the list goes on.   A study at Washington State University found that 20 percent of dust was removed by using indoor plants like common house plants or tropical plants.

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Aloe Vera filters out benzene and formaldehyde while proving you oxygen. It has many beneficial uses like sunburns, a facial scrub, for stretch marks and it even lowers cholesterol.  My oldest daughter loves using it for acne and as a face toner.

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Anseveria or Mother-In-Law’s Tongue filters out benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, and trichloroethylene.  It is an easy plant to keep and virtually hard to kill.

2.  Plants boost your mood:

Do you get happy when you receive a bouquet of flowers? Who doesn’t-right? I know I love flowers like tulips, roses, lilies, gardenia, magnolias, really ALL flowers and they certainly make me VERY happy.

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Boston Ferns act as humidifier.  They restore moisture in the air by releasing water vapor in exchange for pollutants.

3.  Plants promote well-being and provide a calming energy:

Have you ever heard of horticulture therapy? It is using gardening as therapy. What? Who knew-right? You can grow a herb garden, bonsai tree or a mini Zen garden. So if you work at a desk all day long simply place a small plant on your desk to keep your senses and brain going.

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Mint has a pleasant aroma. It makes an excellent herbal tea or can be used in cooking.


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Rosemary breaths carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. It is easy to grow and if you cut a piece off and place it in a cup of water within a week it will have a root.  In addition, it is a great herb for cooking.

Is there an alternative? Well as a matter of fact there is. You can receive the same benefits from indoor plants by gardening outdoors. I learned some great benefits of outdoor gardening over the weekend while I was watching Central Texas Gardner on PBS (I love that show!!). You get vitamin d from the sun.  It also mentioned how women who farmed and gardened while pregnant had babies with little or almost no asthma problems in comparison to those who did not. It is a win –win situation.

Are you using indoor plants in your home?


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