About Lady & the house


Hello. I’m Nancy Jeannette.

Interior Designer, Editor & Entrepreneur

A native of Houston, Texas. I have been intrigued with interior design and architecture for as long as I can remember. I am a passionate woman with an artistic mind and a creative spirit (which is oozing at the seams).

As a designer, I incorporate the past with the present. I believe decorating is about the mix and the hunt. Good design is more than just good aesthetics it’s about sustainability, breaking the rules, and daring to be bold.

I am the lady behind Lady & the house, a blog which shares how I transform my 1960’s house into a home. I feature home décor, DIY projects,gardening, and entertaining. I’m here to empower you to decorate with confidence. My goal is to inspire you to find your own personal style without breaking the bank.

Thanks for stopping by Lady & the house. I hope you find inspiration.

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Nancy Jeannette

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