Becoming a Grandparent

Hello friends! Sorry I have been missing from action, but I have been busy- Becoming a Grandparent for the third time!

Becoming a Grandparent: Rain or Shine

A few weeks ago, Houston was hit hard by Harvey. It was very devastating and scary, but in the middle of this devastating hurricane arrived my first granddaughter! This experience has been an unforgettable one because in order to get to the hospital we were forced into the storm, and that was the easy part!

Driving in Hurricane Harvey.

After a long 22 hours, and a life threatening situation for my daughter- she arrived with a dramatic entrance, my new granddaughter.

A Proud “Wonder Woman” Grandparent!

We were all excited to be back home, and help in any way possible.

Have you had any new additions to the family, or any life changing events? Please share.

Becoming a Grandparent: shop the look.

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