Black, White & Gold Easter Eggs

Black, White & Gold Easter Eggs

It hit me like a ton of bricks. I came up with a last-minute Eggs-travaganza Easter Egg idea! Black, White & Gold Easter Eggs!

I have been obsessed with black & white for a while and I knew I wanted to do something different for Easter this year. I wanted something a little more dramatic and elegant.

Supplies needed for Black, White & Gold Easter Eggs

I bought all my supplies at Wal-mart.

How to DIY Black, White & Gold Easter Eggs

It was really easy to do. I started by placing all the eggs in a small container so that I could spray them all at once. I proceeded by spray painting all the eggs white.( Spray paint is not included in supplies because it was an afterthought. I was originally going to hand paint all the eggs but decided to spray paint because it was much faster!)

I sprayed one side, let them dry completely then flipped them over and sprayed again.

Designing the Black, White & Gold Easter Eggs

When the white eggs dried completely, I proceeded to give each egg a different design. I used an empty Starbucks bottle and empty toilet paper rolls as “Egg-Holders”, so that I didn’t have to hold the eggs while designing them.

I  selected a few eggs to be Gold, but I didn’t want them to be completely gold. My “Egg-Holders” really helped with this too as I didn’t have to use painter’s tape. They were great as drying stands too.

Once they dried, glue was applied where I wanted glitter. The glitter was simply sprinkled on the eggs and placed to dry.

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A few other eggs were painted Black & White. I placed the eggs on “vases” (Come back tomorrow to learn more about these “vases”) while I painted on my designs.

The Final Product: Black, White & Gold Easter Eggs

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I absolutely love how the eggs turned out! They are fun, modern and trendy. Best of all they are Black, White & Gold!

So what do you think? Would you ever consider a Black, White & Gold Easter?

Leave a message below and let me know what you think?

I hope you get inspired to create and think outside the box.


Nancy Jeannette

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