Newsletter from editor

Newsletter from the Editor #1

Well I survived my first week of blogging! It has been such a learning experience.

I have had a serious epiphany.  I realized that horrible word “FEAR” has really been holding me back. It has been so much fun taking the “JUMP” and sharing my thoughts and ideas with you this week.  It has empowered me to do more things that I have been thinking about doing, but have been too scared to try. I now want to open up a shop or store front to sell decor and household items, I want to write a book, be in a magazine such as HGTV magazine ( my television stays on that channel), Southern Living or Better Homes and Garden and I want to design a product to sell in Target stores ( My favorite store).  I am Dreaming BIG. Who knows maybe next I’ll jump out of an airplane.

I also, shared how simple planning a meal list can be to help keep you organized. I explained how many toxins are found in our homes and 3 reasons you should have indoor plants, as well as a simple and inexpensive St. Patrick’s Day tablescape.

Stay tuned for more great ideas. With spring quickly approaching, I will show you easy ways to transform your house for spring and how easy it is to  DIY an upholstered  headboard on a budget.

Have a great weekend.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.


Nancy Jeannette

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