Outdoor Inspiration

Via Pinterest

Outdoor Inspiration

I spent this past weekend looking for Outdoor Inspiration on Pinterest and other interior design and landscaping sites. Outdoor rooms are great, they can be an extension of the indoors. Personally I love being outdoors and enjoy the idea of mixing both together. If planned properly the flow can be smooth.

One of my goals for Summer 2017 is to re-create my backyard by adding planters, an outdoor living space, planting new gardens, and making improvements on what I’ve already done.

Outdoor Living

Via Architectural Digest

I really like this outdoor space I found on Architectural Digest. It uses light colors, is simple and to the point, yet gives a touch of elegance.

I motivates me to add an outdoor sitting area. This outdoor living area will provide an inviting space for entertaining and relaxing. With so many choices on outdoor furniture, the hardest thing is selecting the and style and finish.


Via Pinterest

I am considering growing boxwood. I really like the formality that it brings. Plus it  is a real classic, providing a modern or a traditional vibe.

In addition, it can be grown in ground or  in containers and it can be shaped in various forms and shapes. I adore the sphere shape because it provides interest and structure.


Via Garden & Landscape Design by Laara Copley-Smith
 Finally,  walkways or pathways can add beauty and interest to your landscape. They help define an area and act as a connection from one space to another.

I plan on revising an existing walkway. With the many choices for walkway materials, such as brick pavers, recycled pallet wood,  or concrete; I am leaning towards using gravel because it is inexpensive and seems easy  to lay.

I am extremely inspired by the many ideas I found for outdoor inspiration. You can stay updated on my Backyard Landscape Design Redesign by subscribing below!

My hope is that you too will find some inspiration.

Thanks for stopping by Lady and the house. Visit my outdoor board on Pinterest for many more ideas on Outdoor Living.


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