Planting Julia Child Roses

Planting Julia Child Roses From Cottage Farms


I got busy giving my back yard and she-shed (woman’s cave) a make-over by bringing in plants that will create a beautiful foundation for a new garden.

I believe gardens are an accessory or jewelry for landscaping. They are  needed just like drapes are needed for windows. Adding a garden can soften up an outdoor space dramatically.

I chose this area because it was great for the new garden due to the fact, the she-shed provides shade for the new plantings. Also, there happens to be a gift from mother nature herself already growing here, some ground covering which mysteriously began showing up here. Not to mention, as you can see in the picture below, this area is in dire need of some TLC.

One of my favorite flowers is the rose; this flowering shrub has bright green foliage and makes a great backdrop for any flower bed. While they do take patience to grow, their flowers have a great fragrance and can be cut for fresh flower arrangements.

My Julia Child roses from Cottage Farms arrived just in time. This bush is hardy, disease resistance, and has a constant bloom with yellow buttery flowers.

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I just couldn’t wait to dig my fingers in the dirt! I ordered these roses online and waited only two months for these little babies to arrive ( sarcastic voice because it felt like FOREVER).

From fall to spring is the natural resting stage or dormancy for plants and the company states the reason for the long wait is, the plants must remain dormant during shipping.

Digging a hole…

I received two bare root roses and there was nothing too pretty about these lil babies, but I proceeded to dig two holes and plant them in their new home right next to the mysterious ground covering.

(These Julia Child rose bushes require a hole twice as deep and twice as wide as the plants root ball. It is important to follow the planting instructions provided to ensure a vigorous and healthy bush).

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After planting the rose bushes, water thoroughly to get them settled in. It is also recommended to apply mulch, leaves, compost , or any other organic matter around the plants to promote moisture retention and discourage weed growth.

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In addition to the ground covering already growing here, I transplanted plants from another garden that crossed over from my neighbor’s yard. I think they may be purple iris, but I am not certain.

I finished up this garden by using a collection of stones I already had. It was a mixture of stones collected previously from my parents property. The white lime stones were given to me by another neighbor.

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Final Thoughts….

After spending the weekend searching for outdoor inspiration, I then camp up with my Backyard Landscape ReDesign: The Master Plan. This is where I planned out where improvements and projects are going to take place. In addition I came up with goals for my Backyard Landscape Redesign (to be accomplished by summertime-hopefully).

  1. Make a New Garden for my Julia Child Roses =  Done & checked off the list of goals to be accomplished. (yeah off to a good start!)
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It is amazing how lively this area looks by making a new garden for my Julia Child roses and the addition of some lil miracles from mother nature which mysteriously began growing here.

What do you think? Have you recently added any new gardens or landscaping to your yard?

Happy Gardening!!


Nancy Jeannette

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